Review on Digital Deepak Internship Program

Review on Digital Deepak Internship Program

Are you stuck with your digital marketing career goals?

Do you think that you cannot become an action taker after having adequate knowledge in digital marketing?

 Why should you pursue a career in digital marketing?

If you are unable to figure out all these questions then I am coming up with an amazing program called ‘Digital Deepak Internship Program’ mentored by Deepak Kanakaraju, who is a prominent face in the digital marketing space both in India as well as abroad.

First of all, let me tell you why this field is exponentially growing.

Just Imagine before March 2020, many business owners were so reluctant to adapt to the online business space and they neglected its importance, and the results they have paid are nasty as you know very well.

An unprecedented pandemic has shivered lives all across India and the global landscape of businesses.

This change in our daily life has resulted in the complete shutdown of many brick-mortar style businesses in India and across the globe.

This pandemic is still prevailing and still, businesses are yet to get over the trauma it has created.

The businesses which had adopted online business model didn’t get any impact by this hit at all, in fact, a survey in a popular newspaper disclosed that they increased their sales figures by 10x to 30x in general, some specific businesses for example grocery, FMCG, Pharmaceutical and so on have seen a growth of even 100-250%, that’s amazing right, isn’t it?

The context by this time is clearly visible that businesses need to adopt online business models without any option left as a side hustle.

The growth in the sales of physical products has been enormous if you check the biggest online marketplace Amazon’s latest report during the lockdown and post lockdown era.

Now today’s world is about social distancing and this is the new normal so hardly people will come out in physical to buy their products rather they will order online obviously right. 

Now the obvious question arises in your mind why am I discussing all these known facts and how is it related to this digital marketing internship program?

The importance of digital marketing is at an all-time high with endless opportunities to explore different segments inside this domain.

Why so?

I will explain this by taking a simple example, suppose you have a restaurant owner client who is delivering a wide variety of cuisines now how can you tap into online customers for your client’s restaurant?

For a  second, forget about physical pitfalls into your restaurant, you have opened a new branch or you are new in this business and not getting adequate highlight on food search engines like Zomato, Swiggy, and so on due to their algorithms, then what will you do as a digital marketer to help bring more orders to your client?

You can help your client with your digital marketing services which will definitely bring extra revenues and pump up his order figures indirectly.

How is it possible?

It is possible by creating a website around that restaurant and drive traffic organically using Search Engine Optimization to help that restaurant listed on Local Google Search results and definitely if you make it rank on Google where the search intent is really specific, it will bring a lot of queries if not orders at first place which will eventually grow with time.

If the client has some extra budget then you can run Facebook ads and Google ads and that will take the marketing campaign to the next level with the exponential growth of visibility for that restaurant on the web.

Then tell me as a business owner who will not like to get more sales without taking any headache and bringing a great ROI on the amount spent into revenue generation for his/her business.

One thing you should keep in mind that you need to bring results for your client as a digital marketer to retain him and get more referrals.

The motto of a digital marketer is always getting great results for his clients and letting him earn more profits.

I hope you got a fair idea regarding your opportunities to explore your digital marketing skill with this example that I discussed above.

When the entire world is ruthlessly pushed back by this pandemic and made many people lose their jobs or forcefully made them to resign which companies have to take to make cost-cutting effective, then is it not handy to get started with a side hustle idea to be on a safer side? 

The obvious answer is ‘Yes’.

I hope you will agree to my point on this.

Now the main point is how this internship program can shape your life forever and make you ‘being your own boss’ and without always being traumatized in the corporate arena.

Why is this Internship program unique from any other programs across India and the globe?

Yes this is an obvious question because there are so many courses available out there in the market teaching digital marketing but if I tell you an amazing fact that will shake you completely, is it fine?

If you enroll in this internship program you will get paid with each week’s allotted assignment completion by your end.

The assignments are well described how to accomplish the tasks with a session by Deepak sir and a Q&A  by his team the following week to help you done with your assignments at ease.

A bonus is you will be inside a telegram group with 500-1000 digital marketing interns who will be your peers for this 12-week intensive digital marketing internship program who will handhold you on every difficulty along the way, apart from that you will get 24*7 help from this community and Deepak sir and his team also are constantly active there to help you personally if you face any challenges.

Let me explain how this internship program is rolled out in detail.

It is a cashback guaranteed program which implies that you need to take action each week with the release of a video on a pre-defined topic taught by Deepak Sir A.K.A Digital Deepak in the industry and the assignment revolves around that video for that particular week.

The cashback will immensely motivate you to take action each week and by that process learning digital marketing will be a holistic understanding with hands-on practical experience.

 Now you tell me who is providing cashback for action takers in the industry and I guess you will find none, by this way it is a unique and intensive curriculum where you get paid for taking actions.

Digital Marketing is all about taking action and implementing your knowledge to get results that will get you clients, jobs or even you can set an agency in the long run.

The bonus part of the internship program is amazing which I will share with you now which will blow your mind completely.

The value addition you will get from this program is immense and it will make you market fit and that will land you in a decent digital marketing job, or work as a freelancer or become an affiliate of other’s products or mentorship programs and earn a decent commission out of it and the list doesn’t end here, you can become a digital mentor too whose scope is enormous.

Now the question arises in your mind that how can you get that opportunity to make the optimum outcome?

This is an obvious question as your skillset needs to be monetized so the bonus part itself of this internship program will help you get started.

There are 4 weeks apart from 12 weeks of core digital marketing curriculum allotted to help you get started with something.

The 4 weeks are as mentioned below:

Week 13:An entire week dedicated to develop your personal branding and land you with a job. It will contain how you can showcase yourself in front of the industry and leverage different social media handles to increase your profile visibility.

Week 14:This week will revolve around ‘Affiliate Marketing’.If you are already aware of this concept you are pretty much ahead of others and if you are not let me tell you in brief.

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting someone else’s product through your channels(own platform, as well as social media, handles(for ex: your own blog, your own youtube channel, LinkedIn, Quora, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook group or through the Facebook profile, your own tribe, and email list)

You will earn a decent commission out of each sale generated by you. You can earn a 10% up to 100% commission(depends on products) rate which is hefty in amount.

Week 15:The most important aspect of learning these skills as a digital marketer is to start a side hustle right. Then comes the crucial role of freelancing which will make you your own boss in a real sense.

But freelancing is not so easy either to land a client with so much existing competition in the online space. Isn’t it?

Let me then tell you a dedicated week is allotted in this internship program for ‘digital freelancing’ where you will learn how to approach a client, how to make proposals, how to retain a client, how to charge a client being a newbie, how to create contracts and so on through your digital marketing skill set.

Believe me, this is a game-changer for you and you will be made ready to be successful with your freelance gig with the help of the tips shared in this dedicated week.

I hope you will discover so many opportunities this week only if you enroll in this internship program.

Week 16:If you have a passion for mentoring and coaching and train a pool of people than a dedicated week is allocated for ‘Digital Mentoring’ where a pathway will be shown how to become an online mentor.

These bonuses themselves are amazing right. Isn’t that?

Now I will be discussing the topics you will learn each week and a few tips on how to complete the assignments given per week to earn your cashback.

Cool. Isn’t it?

Topics covered inside the Digital Deepak Internship Program


Week 1:Success Mindset. 

When it was presented in front of me hailing from Batch 5 DDIP a.k.a Digital Deepak Internship Program, my mindset towards looking at things completely changed.

It started with so many strategies to adopting new habits to changing some daily behavior which made me think from week 1 itself that I can surely be an action taker which I lagged so far.


Because I too had gone through some digital marketing courses like you but the problem is I was a procrastinator so didn’t take real action and so didn’t get any results.

But you will believe me or not Action Takers always win and within 6 weeks after joining this program  I got my first job offer to be a content writer. It was amazing for me because I took action only because it is the sole emphasis of this internship program.

I believe strongly if I Can you can Definitely can.

Week 2:The law of Marketing

The fundamentals are cleared this week and as the big marketers say you can do anything with marketing if your basics of marketing are cleared.

Deepak Sir explains with so many examples so that you can clearly understand what is marketing and how to get successful following some steps with marketing.

Week 3:Finding your profitable Niche 2.0

This week you will learn how to choose a profitable niche and how to research and discover your niche.

Finding a niche and getting started is always the first roadblock that you need to surpass. And many people succumb to their dreams in this step itself.

But in this program, you will be taught in such a manner that you can discover your niche with your fellow interns.

Believe me, this week is amazing in its nature in finding out my own niche which is profitable if i work on it religiously.

Week 4:Creating your Blog

If you really want to make a mark in the digital marketing arena or any field of your choice you have to build a personal brand to showcase your presence on the web.

What is better than to create a blog to increase your visibility in the market.

In this week you will create your own blog and you will be provided every assistance from Deepak Sir and his team to smoothen the process.

Week 5:Content and Copywriting

If you are a writer from the heart but didn’t get any courage so far to put your thoughts on paper then this week will change you forever if you actually take actionable steps.

Even if you are not a writer still you need to understand that writing is an art to convey your message and you need to learn this skill to put forth your ideas.

What is interesting about this week?

Your content writing skill will be tested with a 1000 words content writing hackathon where your fellow interns will also participate. Don’t panic with this because Team Digital Deepak will help you in surpassing this challenge and believe me once you are done with this, you will be more confident about writing than ever before.

Week 6:Social Media Marketing

If I tell you about me then I must say I was a guy who used to surf social media only to check how others are doing and what is happening around.

But Social Media Handles are much beyond that believe me.

You can create an online portfolio around your services or your expertise which will eventually provide you freelance opportunities or getting a job offer if you prudently utilize your social media handles.

This week will teach you how to use social media to create content over the platforms and not be a mere consumer of the contents flowing across social media.

One really cool thing with this week’s assignment is you will go onto creating your own Youtube channel and start making videos and also start organizing webinars to share immense value and building your tribe.

Really Cool. Isn’t It?

Week 7:Search Engine Optimization

This skill is really required if you own your blog post or page to rank on the first page on the google search engine.

In this week Deepak sir has very minutely discussed the nitty-gritty of SEO and the importance of Onpage SEO, Off-Page SEO, and link building.

SEO is a vast research field that you will learn only by implementing so this week you will create a blog post along with optimizing that content with meta tags and meta description.

It is a long-term strategy but the concepts discussed this week will immensely boost your SEO knowledge with a practical approach. 

Week 8:Lead Generation and Email Marketing

Lead generation is the core of any business as you know it very well.

In this week you will be mentored by Deepak sir with some amazing tools to capture leads and then nurture it with some strategies.

Lead Generation is a complex phenomenon and a headache for so many businesses and even a freelancer but after this week, you will feel like opening a separate lead generation agency with the in-depth knowledge you will acquire from this week itself.

You will also be equipped with email marketing which gives the biggest ROI in terms of conversions. 

This week will empower you on how to nurture your leads by building a tribe and setting up your own email list and eventually with great value addition over time you will be able to bring sales for your products or promote someone else’s product.

Week 9:Facebook Ads

In this week you will get your hands dirty on Facebook ads and learn the nitty-gritty of Facebook ads.

You will create an ad and understand how Facebook ads run.

Facebook is an outbound process where you go on acquiring customers with the right targeting so custom audience and Facebook pixel both come in handy in this concept and you will be familiar with these concepts as you will implement it practically inside this week’s assignment task.

Week 10:Google Ads

This week you will learn about how to run google ads and implement it practically.

The concept of Google ads though its little complex in nature has been deployed in a simple approach by Deepak sir this week and you will understand traffic visitors’ search intent and formulate your content around the keywords searched for.

As Google is the most used search engine so you will get enormous ideas once you run google ads and you will also become equipped with Youtube Ads being Youtube is the second largest search engine.

Week 11:Marketing Automation(Deep Marketing)

Yes, you have seen it correctly, it is referred to as deep marketing because to reach out to large audiences and nurture them continuously with your content requires the crucial role play of automation which will automate the process and reduce your headache.

You will be provided enormous knowledge this week so that all your marketing campaigns and nurturing your tribe and your email list followers get automated by the use of some premium tools.

If you take automation into the picture, your ROI will pump up eventually.

So this week will equip you to become a marketing ninja with the help of automation.

Week 12:Natural sales Method

In this week you will be provided the importance of natural sales without a high-pressure sales webinar and the tricks of copywriting will be provided to implement practically so that you can psychologically impact your audience to take an immediate call to action.

This week is so crucial because it evolves  around sales which is the most crucial skillset one needs to acquire to be a successful marketer.

My own success after this internship program

By the time I am writing this article, I am on week 11 but i already got two job offers. I am really glad to make a wise decision to join this internship program.

I am really thankful to Deepak Sir and Kamna Jain mam and my fellow peers who have immensely helped me when I extended my hand for help. 

This is only one internship program where you can earn up to 100% cashback so make a wise decision for your career in such a turmoil situation caused due to the corona pandemic.

I am dropping the link to apply for the internship program. If you think i have made some impact then please do join this highly sought-after the program to revamp your career in a new way where you can truly become your own boss.

You will learn a lot and gain enormous knowledge and doors of opportunities will open up for you if you truly implement the tasks with the help of this internship program.

The more details of joining formalities and approval of the application made by you will be discussed by Deepak sir himself through a launch webinar which you will come to know shortly.

Click here to apply:






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