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Why is Blogging so relevant in 2021 to cater to different objectives?

A blog is a way to express your ideas and thoughts to educate, entertain, inspire and creating awareness among the mass.


Do you think that the reach of blogging is limited?


Are you struggling to find the relevance of blogging in 2021 competing with video content creation?


If any of these is haunting you, let me tell you that blogging is still relevant in 2021.


The primary purpose of blogging is to share your knowledge and ideas with people in a textual context in a specific niche to address their pain points and direct them with a solution.


It may be passion and interest to start with a blog, but the success only evolves with continuous efforts over a long period.


What is Blogging?


To showcase blog lifestyle


A simple way to put it across is sharing your knowledge with the world.


Blogging is not country-specific, but your blog post can travel across the globe to address specific problems of people with massive value addition.


One thing you must keep in mind when you are starting with a blog.


Your objectives must be clear, and you should figure out whom you are addressing with your blog.


It is said that specific is terrific, so if you can address a specific audience with your blog, it will create a bigger impact than going too broad.


To make you understand it better, I am taking an example.


Suppose you are working in the digital marketing space and you want to create a blog around it to share your experience, knowledge and ideas with people.


In this case, I assume that your objective is to provide digital marketing services to your prospects.


Instead of talking about digital marketing as a generalist, choose a specific niche.


You should be passionate and interested in providing digital marketing services for any particular industry.


For example: 


Digital marketing for doctors


Digital marketing for restaurants


Digital marketing for real estate business


And so on.


I hope that I made the point clear that you need to be specific if you want your blog to be successful in traffic generation and monetization aspects.


Why is Blogging required to cater to various objectives?


Diiferent needs of blogging


Blogging is important because when you are putting content regularly with massive value addition, it will create your personal brand in your industry.


What I mean to say is whenever people face a challenge in a specific direction and if your blog address it in a proper manner, that visitor will visit your blog again and again.


Likewise, you can scale it with multiple people coming with a specific problem to your blog.


If your blog addresses them with a suitable solution, it will indirectly send a positive signal to the search engine to rank your blog higher.


Even if you are an affiliate marketer, you can utilise your blog visitors to become buyers of your recommended products eventually by adding a  massive value.


It is said that content is the king, so focus on creating quality content to give a high user experience and then think of optimising your blog post as per search engine requirements to push it to rank high.


You should only consider creating quality content for the users and not for search engines to enhance your blog’s success probability.


How can you start with Blogging in 2021?


There are so many ways to start with blogging.


But the most effective way to start is with WordPress, a CMS(Content Management system) platform.


You don’t need any coding or designing knowledge to start with blogging.


Now blogging is made drag and drop with amazing plugins and themes available in the market, and this is the vast contribution WordPress provided to the webspace.


WordPress hosts almost 40% of digital assets of the internet, such as websites, blogs, e-commerce sites and so on.


It is extremely easy to use and get started with WordPress.


It has a wide range of themes and plugins available free of cost to help you design your blog and increase its functionality to the next level.


You just need to invest in decent hosting and a domain name to start with blogging.


Hosting is a server where the files of your blog will be stored.


A domain name is an address URL of your blog, which is the name of your blog.


The other ways to do blogging is medium.com,quora,wordpress.com and bloggers.com 




Blogging is a powerful medium to create your personal brand, and you can monetise your blog in many ways.


So start taking blogging seriously and think it for a long term approach to getting significant traction from blogging along the way.

Blogging can be made a full-time profession after a certain time.


So try to change the mindset regarding its relevancy in 2021, instead focus on providing quality content to your users to get hundreds and thousands of visitors coming to your blog every single month.


The success of your blog lies in your hand, so structure it properly with a well-thought plan beforehand.


I wish you all the best.


You can reach out to me with your queries in the comments, and I will try to address them asap.


Ciao for now!


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